Company Profile

Jahangir Siddiqui Securities Services Limited (the Company) with its original name Reliable Services Limited was incorporated in Pakistan as an unquoted public company, limited by shares, under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 on April 14, 1994.

Initially, the principal objective of the company was to establish setup and carry on the business of authorized money changer. The money changer license was valid upto October 17, 1996 and no renewal was applied for thereafter. Accordingly, State Bank of Pakistan had cancelled the license on January 27, 1997. Effective January 2000, company’s management has been changed, which carries on business of dealing in marketable securities. The company commenced its commercial operation on December 03, 2003.

The registered office of the company is situated at 20th Floor, The Centre, Plot No. 28, SB-5, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan.